• A creative performance group at St. John Church in Ellisville is spreading God’s word in a unique and entertaining way, through a puppet ministry of a very different sort.
  • I think this five-year NBC series was one of the greatest shows ever, and thankfully it lives on in the binge world of Netflix for new generations to embrace all over again.
  • But the big question is why? If there are more willing parents than ever before, shouldn’t there be ample mechanisms in place to connect children with families?
  • Tanya Drochner explains going home from the perspective of an international student, whose home is nearly 4,000 miles away from St. Louis.
  • Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House in Chesterfield? This video brings you a close-up look at a day in the life of entomologist Tad Yankoski as he unpacks shipments of chrysalis and pins them to be hatched in their emergence cases before releasing them into the Butterfly House conservatory.
  • An inside scoop on shuttle bus driver, Ron Howdeshell, on who he is as a person and what his life is like outside of MBU.
  • Have you ever wondered how every time an event takes place at MBU, the technology always seems to be in place and ready to go? Well, it's because of a conscientious tech crew, which goes in hours or days before the event and gets everything ready to go, so it all comes off without a hitch. Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look through the eyes of the MBU Tech Crew.
  • MBU Timeline Broadcast covers stories, events and announcements from across campus and around St. Louis.


  • There Are No Accidents

    “The next thing I knew I woke up in this awful car accident, with glass everywhere and people screaming. I remember looking around and thinking to myself, ‘Man, this is obviously not what Heaven looks like.’”

  • Avicii Gladly Telling New “Stories”

    After huge commercial success with his first album four years ago, the sophomore effort from Avicii has gone Gold in Austria. Now, what will it do in the rest of the world?

  • Karen Leija: Her Passion for MBU Students

    Karen Leija, who has been a food service consultant at MBU for 11 years, from the old cafeteria to renovations of the current “caf” today, said her favorite part of the job is witnessing MBU students grow into young adults year after year.


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