• The production, a farce by Neil Simon, opens on Thursday, Feb. 4, and runs until Sunday, Feb. 7.
  • MBU students share the most used, favorite and addicting apps on their phones.
  • The largest Powerball jackpot in history climbed to $1.6 billion — that’s BILLION — before three winning tickets produced the magic numbers recently, in California, Tennessee and Florida. Each winner will walk away with more than $330 million after taxes. So we’ve asked MBU Timeline writers to blog about what they would do with that kind of money, this unimaginable wealth that has us all pondering, wishing … perhaps hoping. And we have also sent reporters out across campus to ask faculty, staff and students the same question: What would you do with all that money?
  • New MBU student John Hagan seeks to make a difference in the lives of his baseball teammates.
  • Hundreds of new students continue to join the MBU family every year, but because of the increasing numbers of added students the campus must prepare for where to put them.
  • MBU Communications Department kicks the spring 2016 semester off by announcing Samuel Dotson III, St. Louis police chief, will speak at the Media Talk Series. The event will take place at noon Tuesday, Feb. 23.
  • Various MBU students give their opinion on what draws them in to watch the Super Bowl.

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    MBU Women's Volleyball Powerhouse

    The Missouri Baptist University women's volleyball team looks to top off a terrific season with a National Championship as it finds itself among the top-ranked teams in the nation.

  • My Scoliosis Story

    MBU Timeline staff member Holly Flieg shares her journey though a harsh diagnosis. She explains the struggles she went through and how she overcame them.  

  • 8-27-15,JProvince,Main

    Fitness Center Offers Group Yoga

    The MBU Fitness Center offers many group fitness classes for students and faculty alike. The yoga class, held at various times on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday provides the opportunity to relax and regroup during a busy week.

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    The Happy Christian Life

    In the bustling world we find ourselves in, it is easy to complicate the equation that leads us to a fulfilled life. But living a life of joy is simple, and it is rooted in the perfect will of The Lord.


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    Why I Inflict this Pain on Myself

    It is painful, exhausting and stressful. But somehow I love it. Long distance runner Joshua Daugette explains how running can help build character on and off the track.

  • 4-8-15,ChelsieBartley,StyleCollage

    The Top 10 Most Stylish Spartans

    Style doesn’t always mean dressing in the latest trends. Individuality is the new black. These 10 Spartans know the importance of dressing like themselves, not dressing like Kim K or Usher.


MBU Timeline

Timeline staff: staff pictures are in the art gallery today from 11-1. See you there!

by MBU Timeline

MBU Timeline

See your president serving eggs and your favorite faculty members frying bacon and washing dishes at #FinalsFeast in the cafeteria. Enjoy.

by MBU Timeline

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