• With a school so deeply rooted in athletic tradition, we take a minute to pay homage to one of the oldest programs in the books.
  • Today, Pinterest has flooded the hearts and free time of young women everywhere with its easy-to-access DIY wedding ideas. However, the overuse of Pinterest could cause the bride to forget what’s truly important: her husband.
  • Many Spartan sports teams are getting rolling, and here’s what’s coming up next.

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    “Gotham”: The Story Before the Bat

    Have you ever wondered what Gotham City was like before Batman was there to save the day? The gritty new series, “Gotham” gives viewers the chance to get to know several of the secondary characters in the DC universe.

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    The Order of Living

    Psychological reasons expound upon the way in which first, middle and last borns behave, according to a CBS journalist.

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    The Only Way

    Thoughts, reasons and explanations on why serving God is the only way to live your life.

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    Jackie Robinson: “42” Made an Impact

    Discussing the 50 years from the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in class, I quickly was reminded of the sporting event 17 years before that legislation, that changed the game of baseball forever.


MBU Timeline

44-6 is our final score against Lindenwood-Belleville. Tough loss for the Spartans. Fight on.

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Timeline Top 5

Our staff picks the best of whatever, not the best of all time, just the best of right now.
Maplewood Funky Food
1. Boogaloo
Swings hang from the ceiling. Cuban/Creole/Caribbean cuisine. Looks and acts like a bar, but the food is outstanding. Whatever the special is, order that.
2. Maya Café
Pan-Latin food means yummy dishes from Costa Rica. They make their salsa every day. Live music. Sidewalk seating is perfect for people watching in this quirky neighborhood.
3. Tiffany’s Original Diner
Open 24 hours. Cheap and tasty. Red vinyl top stools and a long counter, that’s it, no tables. So old school there is no website (gotta love that), so enter this address into MapQuest: 7402 Manchester Road.
4. Acere
Pronounced AH’-chair-oh, it means “Maple” in Italian. Fitting. Food is artistic and simplistic at the same time, but not inexpensive. Try the egg ravioli.
5. Crow’s Nest
Metal Brunch? Really? Sunday brunch with heavy metal? Yep. Dishes like Truffle Frites, house-made lemon coriander hummus, veggie chili in a pretzel bowl, meatloaf sliders. Rock on freaks.
Also Try: Home Wine Kitchen (upscale American comfort food), Las Palmas (no website, it’s at 7356 Manchester Road), and Pantera’s Pizza (delicious dive, home of “The Hunk”).