• As both candidates for president faced off one final time before the Nov. 8 election, we hoped for civil discourse and discussion of policy. And we got that — for about 20 minutes — before the childish banter returned to the same old accusations we’ve heard for the better part of a year now. Our MBU Timeline bloggers write about these “Faulty Arguments” that are too often being sold — or attempted to be sold — as truth to an electorate that needs to be informed like never before.
  • Missouri Baptist University houses many residents, but this resident brings students and faculty together in a way that makes campus feel more like home.
  • Oral Interpretation of Literature is a small class with big lessons to teach about communication and empathy.
  • MBU staff, students and alumni prepare for the 20th annual The Perk event on Oct. 21. This year’s event will celebrate the last 20 years with music, food and coffee.
  • Every student who experiences chapel hears the work created by one specific Missouri Baptist University employee.
  • Love of music has inspired MBU student Eric Phillips to start a band, A Day At War, with his friends. They will be playing at the Perk 20 this Friday, debuting their first album a week before public release.
  • MBU Timeline Broadcast covers stories, events and announcements from across campus and around St. Louis.


  • 9-14-16emilybeingcalledtomissions

    When God Says Go

    What is your calling? Do you believe in a higher purpose? In life we all have the option of free will and to do what feels right to us. How will you choose to make a difference?

  • 9-28-16diversitygraphic

    Individual Rights vs. Public Order

    Lately we have seen firsthand the fine line between individual freedoms and public protection, and we have often been reminded of this delicate balance between personal expression and civic order. At MBU, we’re not afraid to talk about this issue in the context of Christian grounding.

  • 9-8-16demitriearlpg9-11-flags-on-art-hill

    Thousands of Flags Honor 9-11 Heroes

    If you happen to be driving through Forest Park in the next few days and you notice a sea of red, white and blue on Art Hill, stop and take a minute to recognize those who have given their lives for our country.

  • infj

    I am a ...

    Meyers Briggs, DISC and thousands of Buzzfeed personality quizzes have convinced us that we all can fit into a stereotype or box. All of these were designed as theories and thoughts that are often taken as a logical representation of ourselves.

  • 9-26-16eatoncoffeeshoppic

    Coffee Shop Christianity

    In a world of Instagram posts filled with latte art and leather-bound Bibles, where do Christians take down the filter to see things for how they truly are?


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