• Earning a college degree is indeed an achievement for all students, however, the end of college life may not be as relieving as we’d like to think. After all, the working world awaits and getting prepared for it is more difficult than ever. Especially if you are 2,500 miles from home.
  • Students from all majors gear up for an opportunity to peer into the professional world with Media Talk speaker Jack Feivou.
  • We asked our student journalists to pick one word that describes what they would like to see more of in their lives this year, and expound on those thoughts, and here is what they have to say.
  • Missouri Baptist University beckons students of various backgrounds to engage in a well-rounded liberal arts education enhanced by a tight-knit community. Spartan Spotlight features incredible talent and stories that MBU offers.
  • From St. Louis to Los Angeles, Rickie Ross opens up about his incredible journey to the West Coast during his semester "abroad" studying cinematography at the LA Film Studies Center.
  • Winter is finally ending, and the world is slowly starting to warm up. MBU students take us to some of their favorite parks around St. Louis, and tell us how they make the most of them.
  • MBU Timeline Broadcast covers stories, events and announcements from across campus and around St. Louis.


  • Linkin Park Fans Criticize New Album

    Creating a solid career is not as easy as it seems for many artists. Throughout the years, there will always be good and bad moments. While some projects go wrong, new changes can be revolutionary.

  • A Heart that Outlasts Adversity

    Senior music ministry major and accomplished pianist Sam Heyl finds his purpose through music despite life’s challenges.

  • “Me Before You” Too Flippant About a Serious Topic

    After seeing the trailer for the movie, “Me Before You,” depicting a precious story of a man in a wheelchair who falls in love with a quirky British girl, I thought for sure this would be another great and enjoyable chick flick. After someone spoiled the ending for me I was shocked at how unethical the movie might possibly be.

  • My “Views” of Drake’s New Album

    Drake has certainly come a long way from wheelchair-bound Jimmy Brooks of “Degrassi.” Since becoming a musician, Drake has gone triple platinum and quadruple platinum for his songs. Thus, it is no surprise his latest fourth solo album “Views” recently went quadruple platinum and was the No. 1 album in the country.


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