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  • Loosely based on a true story, The Revenant tells the classic revenge tale of Hugh Glass and John Fitzgerald, hunting each other in the Dakota wilderness as a tribe of Indians hunt them both.
  • Smallcakes Cupcakery is a fun cupcake shop perfect for anytime you’re craving a treat on a whim.
  • The St. Louis area is home to numerous commuter colleges and most of these students are untouched by the church’s care. With growing youth programs, many churches in the St. Louis area neglect reaching out to these college students.
  • A classic series with modern relevance, the iconic “Twilight Zone” is a must-watch.
  • I never expected to get more out of a garden than some flowers, a couple of vegetables and maybe a sense of accomplishment. But gardening ended up teaching me new lessons about life and hope.
  • MBU Timeline Broadcast covers stories, events and announcements from across campus and around St. Louis.


  • 11-22-16campushangoutsleadashleyvc

    MBU Hangouts

    Missouri Baptist University might be a small campus, but do not worry students will still find areas that are tucked away where they can have down time after going from class to class. Or places to hang with friends and areas to study inside and outside on campus at MBU.

  • 12891719_951358524971522_3985524528919402493_o-1

    Irish I Could Go Back

    MBU Student Abigail Crain, senior English major and psychology minor,  describes her experience abroad as she studied in Dublin throughout the spring 2016 semester in hopes her reality will convince people to partake in the opportunity in the future.

  • tylerlynnatd

    MBU Athletic Training Dept. Sees New Growth

    MBU’s Athletic Training Department has experienced extensive growth with the addition of new sport teams on campus. The trainers have unified to serve athletes spiritually and physically.

  • 10-27-16milesaasponsormelnuk

    A Hero For Those Recovering From Addiction

    Paul Melnuk is a local businessman who struggled with addiction before finding Alcoholics Anonymous and facing recovery head on. He now flourishes as a sober mentor who helps others grow through the program. 

  • 11-22-2016maasencommutercovernocircleorbutton

    Commuters With a Voice

    Missouri Baptist University is home for many, but the majority of students at MBU are commuters. Commuter life is much different from resident life, and each commuter’s daily life expresses variety as well.


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