• The injury curse is striking the Missouri Baptist University football team hard this year as the Spartans must rotate through multiple quarterbacks while the team strives for their first win.
  • What is your calling? Do you believe in a higher purpose? In life we all have the option of free will and to do what feels right to us. How will you choose to make a difference?
  • This coming season there are six graduating lacrosse players who have stuck together all four years. They talk about their team, and how they want to finish their lacrosse career.
  • Is ignorance of the law an excuse for crime? Do uncontrollable circumstances serve as a crutch for mistakes and wrong decisions? Is being a Cubs fan in St. Louis my fault?
  • If Tempura, wasabi and seaweed sound delicious to you, welcome to the world of sushi lovers. Sushi has become the social norm for quick lunches. Everyone has a favorite go-to for sushi, but why is this trend so popular?
  • The art of hairstyling requires a unique skillset, as does the game of basketball. Each of these interests are challenging in their own ways, but very different. I am here to tell you how, when put together, they create a well rounded person.
  • MBU Timeline Broadcast covers stories, events and announcements from across campus and around St. Louis.


  • Freedom for President

    America may not know him yet, but thousands do. This candidate is running for president and his name is Freedom.

  • Jerason Dean: A Name to Remember

    Jerason Dean, MBU alumnus, is making waves in the music business. Recently discovered on Twitter by Ferguson Music, plans are being made for a record.

  • Two Steps Back and One Step Forward

    From a child living on mission in South Korea back to the States where he is originally from, Casey Peterson has been taken on a journey that one cannot experience without such a relationship with Christ.

  • Faithful Through Homelessness

    Homeless for five years, Thomas Clifford spends his time traveling and playing guitar, but has not lost his faith.

  • 3-23-16,Higuchi,BenRector

    Take a Walk With Ben Rector

    Ben Rector produces twenty-somethings’ wedding music, rainy day ballads and lyrics questioning purpose. His alternative, mellow music honors a classic sound.


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It's finally KICKOFF TIME. The greatest spectacle on Monday Night. Let the battle begin. And there's a football game too.

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