The ORE Catapult and India’s NIWE (National Institute of Wind Energy) have signed a Joint Declaration of Intent (JDI) to collaborate for five years.

The two organizations are going to collaborate on offshore wind innovation and R&D, market and distribution network development, new technology evaluation and demonstration, and training programs.

This technical relationship is going to assist India and the United Kingdom unlock green, affordable energy while also boosting supply chain prospects.

A technical distribution network innovation study between the UK and India, backed by UKRI India, is going to be one of the primary activities as a component of the collaboration.

Other early activities planned between ORE Catapult and NIWE include the construction of technology demonstration facilities in Tamil Nadu, supply chain growth programs between the UK and India, and the identification of cost-effective areas for offshore wind development in India.

Both Indian and the UK governments have endorsed and welcomed the collaboration.

Scope initiatives funded by UKRI have fostered collaborative technology and research interaction between NIWE and ORE Catapult, as well as the entire Indian renewable power supply chain.

“It’s fantastic to see the brightest minds from the UK and India collaborating on offshore wind,” said British High Commissioner to India Alex Ellis.

Our countries have a strong climate collaboration, and this proposal is another stride forward in our Prime Ministers’ shared aim, as outlined in the 2030 Roadmap.”

“The United Kingdom has world-leading expertise in the design and development of offshore wind, as well as bringing innovation to bear on cutting costs and improving performance,” said Stephen Wyatt, who is the strategy and emerging technology director at the ORE Catapult.

Bringing this experience to the Indian market in collaboration with NIWE and with the assistance of Innovate UK will spur development in both the UK and India, allowing both countries to make significant progress toward net-zero emissions.”

“The potential for Offshore wind is immense in India given the large & contiguous coastline stretching 7600km,” said K. Balaraman, who is the director-general of NIWE. “This partnership will be important in the future exploration and development wind not only in India but also for the Asia Pacific region.”

“This collaboration, created by the goodwill of both nations, will assist the establishment of World-class research and test centers in India, eventually promoting the growth of the blue economy,” said the statement.

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