Television presenter Alex Colón better known as Alex DJ lost the challenge imposed by Alexandra Fuentes in the Puerto Rico 10K Run race at Teodoro Moscoso With hose and sponge in hand and wearing shorts the host of Telemundos television show Puerto Rico Gana arrived this morning at the parking lot of Channel 2 to wash the bus of the author of The almost almost first lady

Raymond Arrieta Alex DJ and other artists accompanied Alexandra Fuentes in the Puerto Rico 10K Run
Alex DJ challenges Alexandra Fuentes Let her complete the 10K in 48 minutes.

The presenter for her part will not be spared from fulfilling her part and will have to act as a model in tonights Puerto Rico Gana program

On March 30 to add a bit of mischief to the matter the communicator launched a challenge to David Bernier s wife Like any challenge if the main voice of it accepted and lost she would have to serve the penalty

Hey I have a challenge for Alexandra Fuentes Look Alexandra this Sunday is the 10K and today tonight in Puerto Rico Gana Im going to give a challenge to see if she accepts it Friendly Will she accept it Alex DJ maintained yesterday morning through his social networks

Despite the joke between the two presenters after many weeks of training presenter Fuentes fulfilled another of her goals by completing the Puerto Rico 1OK Run which took place on April 3

As godmother of the event which was to benefit the Pediatric Hospital Foundation for several weeks the actress also carried out a promotional campaign urging athletes and the general public to participate in the race that began at 600 am

So I like to be seen fajá Thank you for so much love support for your smiles and contributions to the Pediatric Hospital Foundation I love you so much Fuentes wrote along with a photo of him wearing the medal that certified his passage through the finish line

In addition to the more than 5000 people who ran or walked the 10k Fuentes had the support of several artists including a group of her colleagues from Telemundo who supported her early on Fuentes shared an image in which she appeared with several actors and presenters near the exit such as Raymond Arrieta Gil Marie López Alex DJ Julio Daniel Guzmán known as El JD and the journalist Layza Torres.

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