It rains and it doesnt clear up in the life of singer Manny Manuel Yesterday afternoon a lawsuit for breach of contract damages and emotional damages against the artist whose first name is Cruz Manuel Hernández Santiago was filed in the Superior Chamber of Ponce of the Court of First Instance by the Color Soul corporation LLC and artist manager Ricardo Cordero Prats.

Manny Manuel reiterates that the cancellations of his concerts in Fajardo and San Germán were due to the omicron
If the result is against in court the plaintiff is requesting a total amount of 1126000 for the damages caused

According to the lawsuit around January 29 2021 Manny Manuel and the Color Soul company reached a verbal agreement for the exclusive management of artistic career and event production through which the corporation through Cordero would be charge of managing the artistic career of the native of Orocovis including the production of his musical events among other efforts related to his career

After producing and performing five artistic performances under the terms of said agreement the artist repeatedly insisted on his desire to change the compensation terms stipulated for the production of events which granted 50 of the profits to the plaintiff According to the lawsuit Manny Manuel has refused to fulfill his contractual obligations regarding the celebration of the events that he had scheduled until Color Soul accepted new terms proposed by the 49yearold artist Both Color Soul and Cordero have rejected the new terms

The term of the agreement reached with the artist is six years which is divided into an initial phase of three years and an option of automatic renewal in favor of the plaintiff for an additional period of three years Under the terms of the agreement for his work as manager Color Soul would receive a commission equal to 20 percent of the gross income derived from the artist.

As detailed in the document presented to the court at the moment the plaintiff has been deprived of receiving the income generated by two artistic performances as well as recovering the investment made for it In addition to the above the parties had expectations of performing 144 performances per year whose projected amounts of gross income amount to 2880000 Due to the artists breach of the agreement the plaintiff will be unable to receive the part of the income that corresponds to him 576000 the letter mentioned

According to the legal document the amount of 1126000 is broken down as follows 576000 for commissions not earned under the artistic career management agreement 300000 for lost income from the production of artistic events and 250000 for emotional damages to Ricardo Cordero as well as any other remedy that may be appropriate in law or equity the lawsuit detailed In addition to that as usual they also request that Manny Manuel bear the expenses of the litigation and for the plaintiffs attorney fees.

In an interview with El Nuevo Día the socalled King of Hearts revealed the desire that you did not know until now
Currently Manny Manuel resides with his mother in the home where he was born and grew up in the vicinity of Orocovis and Villalba as part of an agreement determined in 2021 by a judge in the Court of Caguas that allowed the singer to complete his process and intensive outpatient rehabilitation treatment from home

The interpreter was involved in two car accidents on the same day in December 2020 for allegedly driving under the influence He entered a guilty plea and began his addiction treatment

On November 27 the singer returned to the stage specifically to the Center for Fine Arts after a time without being able to work with the show Viva la vida This concert took him to several theaters in Puerto Rico The artist is scheduled to return to Fine Arts in Caguas on May 7 and 8 with the concert called Eternal Love Tribute to Juan. Gabriel

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