Vox fear that one day censorship will return to sure that if one day Spain governs in coalition with the PP it will not take long to ban films, plays and books that violate morality according to its outdated criteria.

The last act of censorship promoted by Vox has been through the denunciation of the poster of a disc in Aragonese in which a jotera appeared urinating, which has caused the Zaragoza City Council to withdraw it from the municipal website. Previously, he took a business to court for installing a nativity scene in its shop window in Seville whose figures represented male and female sexual organs.

In addition, where Vox does not go in its censorious desire, the Association of Christian Lawyers goes, which denounced a feminist association for the passage of a plastic vagina carried on a litter during a demonstration on May 1, 2014. Why do we have to commune with which a far-right party or some Christian lawyers impose their morals on all Spaniards.

In France there is a democratic cordon against Marine Le Pen, not against Jean-Luc Mélenchon. In Germany there is a cordon sanitaire against the extreme right, not against Die Linke. Same in the EU.

And yet, in Spain, inappropriately, Le Pen continues to be equated I think it’s a serious mistake. Opposing a system crossed by inequality is totally legitimate. That doesn’t make you a radical. It all depends on how it is done. It is not the same to do it from racism, machismo and authoritarianism than to do it from radically democratic, feminist and pro-human rights positions.

What a great article by Paul Krugman, How Germany Has Become Putin’s Enabler! What a well-deserved slap on the wrist for the country that, during the debt crisis 10 years ago, accused the countries of the South of little less than having lived beyond their means.

I still remember how Angela Merkel and her company made us have a hard time. But now that it is time to lend a hand for Ukraine, it is the lover of (alien) austerity who refuses to cut off the Russian gas tap, weighing down the capacity of European aid to the attacked, as well as financing the aggressor. It could be said that Germany has lived dependent on Russia beyond its possibilities, and worse, well above the recommendations of the EU.

There are many people who think that young people have our lives resolved, as if the future came to us rolled. We are supposed to be able to handle everything, there is nothing to worry about. And it is not like that. Crystal generation they call us. They are not aware of the problems that young people have been suffering and dragging for almost 15 years. There are young people who have not been able to enjoy such basic and necessary things before their 30th birthday as a permanent contract that goes beyond 900 euros, a rent to face without giving up food or a job linked to their training.

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